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Oneka strikes Chile alliance with REDE

Oneka Technologies has partnered with REDE (Renewable Energy Development Enterprise) which is developing projects in Chile and bringing renewable energy solutions.

The Canadian firm specifically designs autonomous desalination buoys that use wave energy to produce drinking water.

Chile is a country facing frequent droughts and also has to import its fuel.

This makes conventional desalination an inadequate solution to solve water scarcity.

Oneka will collaborate with REDE to turn Chile’s wave energy potential into a sustainable and affordable source of drinking water.

Chile being one of the world´s richest countries in wave power, this new alliance between REDE and Oneka will bring new opportunities for desalinated water in remote communities as well as for different industries such as mining, thus positioning Oneka’s technologies as a viable and affordable solution.Arturo Troncoso. executive director. REDE.

Posted: about 1 year ago

Oneka gets $2M boost for its wave-powered desalination unit

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Posted: about 1 year ago

Founded in 2015, Oneka Technologies grew out of a student project at the Université de Sherbrooke.

The company has gained recognition with awards from organizations including Forces AVENIR and the Pierre-Péladeau Bursaries.

In collaboration with Anges Québec, the company completed its second round of financing at the end of 2018.

As a result, Oneka secured inflow of capital of 2 million dollars to allow the company launch its product, starting with the Caribbean market.

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