Chilean wave energy potential under assessment


A group of companies is analyzing the wave energy potential in the Valparaiso Region, Chile.

According to Revista Electricidad, a group of local and foreign companies are working together with the Valparaiso Region’s government to evaluate the potential of wave energy of the region, with the specific interest in Robinson Crusoe Island.

The collaboration aims to install wave energy device capable of producing both electricity and desalinated water to aid the aquaculture sector of the region.

“We are making an effort with the Regional Government to measure the wave potential of the Valparaiso Region, and also to look at the potential of Robinson Crusoe Island, witht the aim to install a device that meets the conditions to produce electricity instead of fossil fuels, and desalinated water as well, as part of the second stage of the project,” Arturo Troncoso, CEO of Renewable Energy Development Enterprise (REDE), was quoted as saying by Revista Electricidad.

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Image: flickr/Karen Blaha