OPERA wave energy team presents technical results

The team behind EU-backed OPERA wave energy project has presented the first technical results during the European Wave and Tidal Conference (EWTEC) 2017.

The conference, currently taking place in Cork in Ireland, served as a platform where four technical communications were presented in relation to the aforementioned project whose goal is to halve the costs associated with wave energy.

Namely, as one of the companies participating in a 12-member consortium tasked with the project delivery Tecnalia informed, the communications presented over the last two days are linked to several project innovations and intended impacts.

The following was presented:

  • Novel Predictive Latching Control for an Oscillating Water Column Buoy – François-Xavier Faÿ (Tecnalia),
  • Latching and Peak-Power Control of an Oscillating Water Column Based on a Discontinuous Galerkin Method – Joao Henriques (IST),
  • Open sea OWC motions and mooring loads monitoring at BiMEP – Sam Weller (University of Exeter),
  • Demonstration of Socio-economic Cost of Energy Analysis of a Wave Energy Converter Array – David Crooks (University of Edinburgh).

In addition to the aim of reducing the costs, project OPERA, short for Open Sea Wave Operating Experience to Reduce Energy Cos, will also seek to accelerate the development of international standards and reduce uncertainties and technological risks in wave energy sector.

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