OPT launches Subsea Battery solution

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has launched its latest product, the Subsea Battery solution.


OPT’s Subsea Battery solution is an environmentally friendly lithium-iron phosphate battery system with a nominal storage capacity of 132 kilowatt-hours.

It utilizes OPT’s proprietary and highly efficient battery management system which maximizes the amount of energy available for subsea payloads.

Modular design allows multiple Subsea Battery units to be linked together to meet larger energy requirements for a wide range of subsea equipment. The Subsea Battery solution can be integrated with an OPT PowerBuoy for charging or used for standalone power.

“The introduction of our Subsea Battery marks OPT’s second product launch this year,” said George H. Kirby, president and chief executive officer of OPT. “The ongoing electrification of subsea assets requires reliable power that can scale to meet the needs of the offshore industry. The Subsea Battery joins the recently unveiled hybrid PowerBuoy and our PB3 PowerBuoy to form an impressive suite of OPT power and communications solutions for remote ocean applications.”

The Subsea Battery solution provides uninterruptable power for long-term offshore installations requiring electric power, backup or emergency power for short term missions, and is scalable with multiple units to meet higher energy needs.

Integration with OPT PowerBuoy products creates seamless, ocean-based autonomous power solutions for subsea oil and gas production systems, aquaculture systems, environmental sensors, and powering remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles.