Osiris Invests in New Launch and Recovery System

Osiris, a provider of diving services and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) has successfully enhanced their capability with a new LARS.

Osiris Invests in New Launch and Recovery System

The new LARS includes a TMS (Tether Management System), which is the first of its kind at Osiris, enhancing their capabilities within the market. This inclusion provides the client with more options when looking to hire ROV’s and allows Osiris to cover a wider scope of work.

With a wide range of Launch and Recovery Systems, which aid divers and ROVs into the water, these systems are fully mobile and come housed in 20 foot transport containers.

The benefits in using a TMS include:

– Eliminating the effect of drag on a long length of surface tended umbilical;

– Providing protection to the ROV garaged in the TMS during launch and recovery, particularly as it passes through the splash zone;

– Increasing the speed of travel to and from the working depth;

– The speed of the lift winch and not the rate of dive of the ROV now determine the speed of launch and recovery;

– Achieving greater accuracy of deployment to the work site;

– Providing a safe haven to park the ROV at depth between tasks.

These Diver Launch and Recovery Systems are fully approved systems capable of delivery and recovery to depths of 50m. They can also assist divers to enter the water when the freeboard is greater than two metres, eliminating manual handling problems and providing a stable platform for mid-water works.

Press Release, July 31, 2014


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