Ostend tower to light the course for marine energy research

Illustration/NEMOS wave energy array concept (Photo: NEMOS)

A technical due diligence process for the Ostend research tower – a test platform being developed by German developer NEMOS and Belgian POM West-Vlaanderen – has been launched to ensure the infrastructure supports the development needs for offshore wind, tidal and wave energy technologies.

The maritime platform, that will be launched 500 meters outside the port of Ostend, will serve as a ‘living lab’ to perform tests to accelerate the innovation and development of blue energy, and the broader blue economy, according to West Flanders Development Agency – POM West-Vlaanderen.

Illustration/NEMOS wave energy array concept (Photo: NEMOS)
Osten research station concept (Image: NEMOS)

In order to build the ‘Blue Accelerator’ – a fitting name bestowed to the platform – on a solid foundation, a technical due diligence process will accompany the project until commissioning, according to NEMOS.

The German developer is said to play a profound role as the developer of the platform and also as a key ‘test user’ with its next-generation wave energy converter.

The development partners noted they plan to provide the research infrastructure to foster ocean energy and marine research activities for years to come.

The platform and the opportunities to arise from its establishment for companies and knowledge centers – both local and international – will be further explained at an event announcing the platform launch, set to take place in Ostend on August 29, 2018.

The occasion, to be attended by several prominent figures from the industry and national politics, will also provide space for NEMOS and other companies to showcase demos and provide project updates, the organizers said.