Ostensjo Rederi Orders ASD Tug from Turkey

Ostensjo Rederi Orders ASD Tug from Turkey

Østensjø Rederi has signed a contract with Sanmar, Turkey for delivery of one RAMparts 2800-E ASD design tug.

The tug is of Robert Allan design with dimensions 28×12,6 m, 80 t BP and FiFi 1 class. Sanmar is the same yard that delivered “Vivax” in 2008.

The tug will be delivered end 2012.

The RAmparts Class tugs are a series of well-proven ASD tug designs which have been developed into relatively standardized configurations. Each design has been developed from a successful prototype vessel or series of vessels, and refined to emphasize ease of construction without sacrificing performance. The primary target market for these designs are shipyards looking for proven, high-performance tug designs to offer to Clients in response to direct enquiries, although many RAmparts designs have been offered directly to tug operator Clients as well. The RAmparts designs are all available in fully developed steel part “kits”, using ShipConstructor 3D modelling software.

Source: Østensjø Rederi , March 13, 2012; Image: Robert Allan