Photo: PanGeo Subsea

PanGeo scores $5 million deal for Gulf of Mexico decom campaign

PanGeo Subsea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kraken Robotics, has won a $5 million contract from Couvillion Group for a decommissioning campaign in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The 90-day campaign represents the largest Acoustic Corer project for PanGeo so far, with commencement scheduled for the second quarter of the year.

The work is for a jacket that has been lying on the seafloor in 150 meters of water since 2004 due to a storm-induced mudslide that caused it to topple.

The subsea conductors are buried under 60 meters of mud and PanGeo will use its high-resolution sub-seabed imaging technology to identify where they are located in the debris field to provide information to enable the planning of the plug and abandonment of the well.

“The Acoustic Corer delivers a unique solution to the industry that has been tried and proven by the Couvillion Group in a demonstration project in 2019. We are truly excited to return to this site and work with the Couvillion team to complete a full site investigation of the debris field,” Moya Cahill, PanGeo’s CEO said.

In addition to this debris survey, PanGeo recently signed a Letter of Intent for a multi-million-dollar Acoustic Corer 50-day campaign for an offshore wind farm in the Baltic where it will be imaging boulders in the sub-seabed mitigating the risk for pile refusal.

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To remind, Canada-based marine technology company Kraken Robotics completed the acquisition of PanGeo Subsea in the summer of 2021.

Most recent company news includes PanGeo setting up a partnership with EODEX to collaborate on unexploded ordinance (UXO) detection and disposal services.