Illustration; Source: PXGEO

Petrobras books PXGEO for another survey gig off Brazil

Marine geophysical services player PXGEO has won a new contract with Brazil’s state-owned oil and gas giant Petrobras for a 4D ocean bottom node (OBN) survey offshore Brazil.

Illustration; Source: PXGEO

This survey is to be acquired in water depths up to 2,200 m with a duration of approximately 7 months.

According to PXGEO, the 4D OBN survey will be conducted in the Santos Basin off the coast of Brazil.

This comes months after the firm secured a 3D OBN survey in the Campos Basin at water depths of 2,300 meters.

The company was also awarded a contract with the Sépia consortium in March 2023 to carry out an OBN survey in the Santos Basin.

In addition, PXGEO recently placed an order with Saab for the delivery of over 20 autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for a value of approximately €53.3 million.