Petrobras names new CEO, again

Michel Temer, Brazil’s acting president, with just one week in the office under his belt, is not wasting time. Namely, he has named a person to take over the helm of the country’s oil giant Petrobras.

In a statement on the Brazilian government’s website, it has been revealed that Pedro Parente, a former energy minister, would be taking the top position at the oil company.

Parente will take over from Aldemir Bendine, who took office in February 2015, following the resignation of Maria das Graças Silva Foster, amid corruption accusations.

Parente, head of the Sao Paolo stock exchange, has been now named new CEO of Petrobras, by Brazil’s interim-president Michel Temer, who took office last week following the impeachment of the president Dilma Rousseff for breaking budget rules. Rousseff called the process a ‘coup’.

The acting president Michel Temer, who was Rousseff’s vice-president thanked “the invaluable services provided by Aldemir Bendine, who led the very successful start of the Petrobras recovery”.

Offshore Energy Today Staff