Petrovietnam subsidiary orders another SMD ROV

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has won a contract to supply a Quasar II, medium-sized work class ROV to PTSC Geos & Subsea Services (PTSC G&S), a subsidiary of Petrovietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC).


The Quasar is the second of its kind ordered by PTSC G&S, nearly a decade after the first ROV.

Quasar II is capable of survey, construction, and drill support operations.

Once delivered it will carry out a range of operations at depths of up to 2,500 metres.

PTSC G&S have commissioned a high specification of options to compliment the Quasar II.

Specifically, these include the most powerful tooling capabilities, a survey pod, and the latest instruments.

The vehicle offers class-leading performance, tooling, instrument space and easy access for maintenance.

The machine will also mate with an SMD compact Tether Management System (TMS).

The team at SMD will also provide training and mobilisation support.

The training will employ the use of SMD’s simulator to allow ROV operators to train and rehearse for a range of subsea scenarios before launching and piloting the ROV for real.

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Mark Collins, business development director, Remote and Autonomous Systems at SMD, said:

“PTSC G&S has been successfully operating our existing Quasar in oil fields in Vietnam and South East Asia for nearly a decade.

“Our technology has developed significantly over the past decade as have the markets we operate within, but our core vehicles remain the best in their class, and this new contract is testament to that.

“Our medium-sized work class ROV is a real workhorse and represents exceptional value.”

The Quasar II is due for delivery in February 2021.