PGS begins rejuvenation project in West of Shetland

PGS has commenced the FSB Vision rejuvenation project for West of Shetland, which targets what is said to be a prolific petroleum exploration and production area.

PGS begins rejuvenation project in West of Shetland
Source: PGS

According to PGS, FSB Vision phases 1 and 2 have begun and 16,000 square kilometers of reprocessed 3D seismic data will drive the evaluation of new opportunities to extend existing production towards this less explored part of the Faroe Shetland Basin.

The area is characterized by a complex structural and geological history, which gives rise to multiple petroleum plays but also creates several features obstructing subsurface imaging based on reflection seismic data, the company stated.

The evaluation of these plays will benefit from the merging and reprocessing of nine conventional and GeoStreamer 3D seismic surveys.

The processing will include a suite of noise and artifact removing steps, as well as full waveform inversion (FWI) based depth conversion.

Particularly the imaging of subtle traps hosting Paleocene sand reservoirs at the Flett Basin flank and the Cretaceous section of the Corona Ridge is expected to improve substantially and provide new insights into these plays.

Data is expected to be ready in summer 2022.