PGS boasts ‘widest seismic spread’ offshore Myanmar

Norway’s seismic and electromagnetic services company PGS has said that its seismic vessel Ramford Titan has been conducting the industry’s first ever single vessel 18 streamer seismic operation, offshore Myanmar. 

According to PGS, over a mile across, this is the widest deployment on record. Although the Ramform Titan class was built to tow 24 streamers, this was the first time PGS has deployed 18, the company said.

The Ramform Titan has been shooting offshore Myanmar, in the Bay of Bengal, since November 2015. The vessel is mapping the A-4 and AD-2 blocks, operated by BG Group, a UK energy giant soon to be bought by Shell.

The Ramform Titan seismic spread is 18 streamers, each 7.05 kilometers long, with 100 meter separation between the streamers. This makes a total spread width of 1.7 kilometers and represents close to 127 kilometers of streamers. The total surface area of the streamer spread is 15.6 square kilometers, said PGS.

Whereas previous high streamer counts were achieved with wide tow configurations, this 18 x 100m tow would be impossible on a conventional seismic vessel, the seismic services company explained.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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