PhD student from RGU explores offshore renewables in Nigeria

Victor Osu, a PhD student from Robert Gordon University (RGU), is working with Bayelsa State Government in Nigeria to investigate the best way to establish a viable offshore renewable energy industry in the country.

Osu has focused his research on how best to foster the transition to offshore renewable energy in developing economies, using Bayelsa State as a case study.

He has developed a model to assist in the renewable energy transition process which is composed of four key elements: decentralised energy systems, renewable energy, local context, and stakeholder engagement.

Victor Osu said: “The fundamental principles of the model, which is currently being applied to a case study in Bayelsa State, are community participation and ownership. The potential benefits of the model are exponential and virtually endless. The fact that the model focuses on creating an enabling environment for sustainable energy access and development due to its emphasis on adaptability and flexibility means that it is easily replicated in a variety of different locations.”

Osu is set to embark on a visit to Nigeria in order to meet with a range of stakeholders including representatives of the Nigeria Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research, United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI), the Energy Commission of Nigeria and the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, RGU’s press release reads.

He will also meet with the United Nation Industrial Development Organisation to further firm up a potential funding grant of $100,000 for project preparatory activities in Bayelsa state.

Image: RGU