Planet Ocean Provides Bangor University with Particle Measuring Systems

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Surrey based Planet Ocean Ltd has announced the sale of two LISST-100-XC (Laser In Situ Scattering and Transmissometry) instruments to Bangor University.

Planet Ocean Provides Bangor University with Particle Measuring Systems

The LISST-100X instrument manufactured by Sequoia Scientific Bellevue, WA, is a multi-parameter system for in-situ observations of particle size distribution and volume concentration. It also records the optical transmission, pressure and temperature. The instrument is fully self-contained with internal battery and data-logger. The instruments were supplied within a week of Planet Ocean receiving the order from Bangor.

The sale follows on from the supply earlier in the year of a LISST-HOLO instrument.

The LISST-Holo is the world’s first commercially available submersible Digital Holographic Particle Imaging System.

The system was developed by Dr. Alex Nimmo Smith at the Marine Institute of the University of Plymouth (UK) and Sequoia holds a world-wide license for manufacture.

The LISST-HOLO is particularly well suited to the measurement of large, complex flocs and biological particles. However, existing users are also using the unit to investigate frazil ice formation. Others are considering use of the LISST-HOLO to measure the size distribution and concentration of falling snow flakes in situ.

The optics end of the LISST-HOLO consists of a 5 cm optical path. A red (658 nm) laser beam traverses the optical path, overfilling a 7 × 4 mm CCD array, thereby creating a hologram.

Press Release, June 09, 2014
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