Planted Bomb on Board Thai Oil Tanker Fake

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The bomb that was placed by a group of pirates on board Thai product tanker Lapin turned out to be a dud, Thai Navy said on Monday.

According to the Navy’s explosive ordnance disposal officers, the device comprised an electrical circuit and battery without any explosive powder. The device was destroyed by using a high-pressure water gun, the Bangkok Post writes.

Pirates planted the fake bomb so as to buy more time for their smooth escape, using it as intimidation tactics against the crew, the newspaper cited navy official chief Vice Adm Sayan Prasongsamret as saying.

An armed group of up to eight pirates, hijacked the product tanker on Friday, February 13th in Malaysian waters, syphoned its fuel and, before leaving the vessel, planted what looked like a homemade bomb on the flying bridge area of the vessel.

Once the pirates left the vessel, the captain brought the vessel to Thai waters and requested assistance from the navy and marine police on Sunday night.

The navy rushed its ordinance team to the scene to inspect and deactivate the bomb. However, as it was too dark, the navy had to wait until Monday to defuse the device.

No injuries to the 15 crew members were reported.

The vessel is reported to be anchored near Ban Pak Bara in Satun, Thailand.

Investigation into the case is underway.

World Maritime News Staff


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