PNG: P&O Maritime Scores Deal to Build Condensate Tanker for Horizon Oil

P&O Maritime Scores Deal to Build Condensate Tanker for Horizon Oil

P&O Maritime have been awarded a ten year contract for a new build condensate tanker to support the Stanley field development located in PRL4 in Papua New Guinea. The PRL4 licencees are Horizon Oil (Papua) Limited (Operator), Talisman Energy Niugini Limited and Diamond Gas Niugini B.V.

P&O Maritime have worked closely with the Joint Venture Operator on the vessel design to provide optimal cargo carrying capacity on the draft restricted Fly River. With over 20 years of shipping experience on the Fly River, P&O Maritime’s PNG based operational team provided invaluable input to the new vessel design and operating parameters.

The condensate tanker has been designed by Wartsila’s naval architects and extensively tank tested by a third party to validate the hull design and confirm that speed and manoeuvring characteristics met the design criteria.

The vessel, which will have a capacity of 33,000 bbls, is currently under construction in China, with steel cutting due to commence early in the New Year and scheduled delivery in 2014. The condensate tanker will be built to meet all current international standards with particular attention to long term operational capabilities of the vessel’s systems and for the crew’s comfort; all cabins will feature en suite facilities. DNV has been selected as the classification society and the vessel will be built with a Clean and Recyclable Notation.


P&O Maritime Services, December 11, 2012