Polarcus Naila in Full Swing at “UK Breagh” Project

Polarcus Limited announces that upgraded Polarcus Naila has commenced full seismic production on Wednesday, 07 May, only three days after start of mobilization.

Polarcus Naila in Full Swing at UK Breagh Project

Polarcus Naila is acquiring the “UK Breagh” RightBand(TM) multi-client project. The survey is designed to provide enhanced imaging of the Carboniferous Breagh field areas in UK Block 42/13 and to deliver improved understanding of the prospectivity of the adjacent open blocks recently offered for licensing in the UK 28th License Round.

The survey, expected to run for approx. 1 month, is supported with high industry prefunding.


Upgraded Polarcus Naila Mobilized for “UK Breagh” Survey

Press Release, May 08, 2014; Image: Polarcus