Pondera and Oldbaum Strike Up Wind Measurement Partnership

The Netherlands-based Pondera Consult and the Scottish Oldbaum have established a partnership dedicated to offshore and onshore wind measurements.

The collaboration is expected to allow Pondera Consult to start operating in the American and Asian markets, as well as to offer specialized solutions for offshore wind measurements, in addition to the already-established onshore wind work, said Hans Rijntalder, the company’s CEO.

“Apart from measurements for the prediction of on- and offshore wind climates, we also focus on the operational phase of wind farms. For example: we can now use special Nacelle based LiDAR’s and Oldbaum’s wind analyses to help existing offshore wind farms to optimize their wind turbines output,” Rijntalder said.

According to the Dutch company, Oldbaum’s work includes services ranging from straightforward yield calculations to highly complex offshore wind measurements which involve high-tech LiDAR equipment.

“Oldbaum’s services are excited by the opportunity to partner with Pondera to bring a wide range of services and experience to the onshore and offshore marketplace. Oldbaum Services have a strong track record in delivering innovative LiDAR program’s and this approach and philosophy matches well the history and experience of Pondera allowing us to present a responsive and technically excellent service,” Andy Oldroyd, CEO of Oldbaum, said.

Pondera has recently been chosen together with Arcadis to conduct a strategic study into the various possibilities of transporting the energy from large-scale offshore wind farms in the Dutch North Sea to the national grid. The study is being carried out on behalf of the Dutch government and in cooperation with TenneT.