Port of Antwerp Strengthens Links to South-East Netherlands

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Danser Group/BCTN, and Oosterhout Container Terminal/Brabant Intermodal, Markiezaat Container Terminal and Pro-log, have established new barge and road connections, further linking the Port of Antwerp with the network of inland terminals in South-East Netherlands.

Port of Antwerp Strengthens Links to South-East Netherlands

Both projects started mid May 2014. The new barge service operated by Danser Group/BCTN calls at Antwerp six times per week from the hub in Nijmegen. From this hub there will be frequent connections to Venlo and Venray (six times per week by barge) and to the Hengelo region (five times per week by road).

The Port of Antwerp is now able to offer daily connections with the South and East of the Netherlands, while there is also good access to the German, French and Swiss hinterlands via the hub in Nijmegen.

The new container barge service offered by Oosterhout Container Terminal travels from Oosterhout to Antwerp six times per week in the first phase, with a stop in Markiezaat Container Terminal (Bergen-op-Zoom).

From the hub in Oosterhout there will be frequent barge connections with the partner terminals in Tilburg, Waalwijk and Veghel, while the rail terminal in Eindhoven will be served by road.

With the introduction of these two projects the Port Authority is facilitating maximum coverage of the South-East Netherlands region.

The Danser Group service is mainly aimed at the Dutch provinces of Limburg and Gelderland, while the Oosterhout Container Terminal covers terminals in the province of North Brabant.

The two projects therefore complement one another in terms of regional coverage. As such they offer great added value for Antwerp port users, thanks to the high frequency of connections and the fixed, transparent sailing schedules.

May 28, 2014


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