President, CEO of LeTurneau Technologies Visits COSCO Shipyard (China)


On February 20, a delegation headed by Mr. Thomas P. Burke, President and CEO of LeTourneau Technologies, Inc., visited COSCO Shipyard. At the group headquarters, the guests and Mr. Wang Xiangru, General Manager of COSCO Shipyard Group, had in-depth exchanges as to the situation of the two enterprises and related business.

LeTourneau is a global group of best-in-class organizations specializing in the design, manufacture, implementation and effective use of advanced technologies for onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling, forestry and mining. During this inspection, the guests indicated their high regard for the overall strength of the COSCO Shipyard, after being provided with a detailed introduction to the offshore engineering products and shown around the production site of COSCO Dalian Shipyard.

Mr. Yan Chengxiang, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipyard Group, Mr. Zhan Shuming, Chief Engineer of COSCO Shipyard Group, Mr. Xu Liangheng, General Manager of Offshore engineering Headquarters of COSCO Shipyard Group, Mr. Xu Xiulong, Deputy General Manager of Technology Center, and Mr. Gong Libing, Party Secretary of COSCO Dalian Shipyard, participated in the relevant exchanges and discussions.




Source:COSCO, March  3, 2011;


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