Protean to recommence WEC testing next month

Following the completion of the initial phase of stage one of Protean wave energy converter (WEC) deployment, which allowed the developer to collect the first operational information, the testing program will recommence in September.

Protean Wave Energy, Australian wave energy developer, has started a detailed design review to determine the necessary device modifications, so that it can be further optimised. To test the design and optimisations that are made as a result of the design review, the company will be deploying wave energy converters in the water off Bunbury, Western Australia, for short periods of time over the coming months.

The additional deployments are expected to lead to deployment of a larger array to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of Protean technology.

The company has not yet started further manufacturing of additional WECs, as this will only occur once the WECs are optimized, according to Stephen Rogers, the new CEO and Managing Director of Protean Wave Energy, who assumed the position in July and provided the latest update on the project in a letter to shareholders.

Protean Wave Energy completed the initial phase of the stage one wave energy farm demonstration deployment in mid-May, after the pilot wave energy converter was deployed at the Port of Bunbury earlier the same month.