Prysmian Group Participates at Smart Grid Forum in Nice, France

Prysmian Group Participate at Smart Grid Forum in Nice, France

The Prysmian Group will participate as Gold Sponsor to the 3rd Smart Grids, Smart Cities Forum, which will be held in Nice, France on March 20 and 21.

The conference will bring together experts from both public and private sectors to discuss the initiatives, successful implementations and the future outlook for Smart Cities 2013 and beyond.

At the event, the Group will be presenting its offer for the Smart Grids, which includes solutions for risk prevention, smart maintenance, electrical load management and environmental impact.

Massimo Comina, Worldwide Power Distribution Director, will make a presentation on March 21st, in the session dedicated to Power Transmission and Distribution, talking about the fundamental role of cables and network components in the smart grids architecture, with a focus on Prysmian Group’s smart solutions, including P-Laser and PryCam. These solutions have been identified and developed for each area and can be applied to existing grids as well as integrated in future ones.

Cables and network components are key to smart grid architecture, since they determine the grid’s reliability and efficiency. This is why it is necessary to go beyond the traditional cable concept and provide innovative solutions that satisfy the new grid requirements in terms of renewable energy, energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Prysmian Group has therefore developed a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art cables and solutions to make Smart Grids more reliable and efficient, by guaranteeing their proper operation in all conditions and circumstances and preventing possible blackouts, failures and damage to other network components. This in turn will help reduce maintenance costs and the risk of penalties for grid owners and operators. Cables and intelligent monitoring instruments are a key part of this modernisation process, by ensuring better use of electricity grids and greater environmental sustainability.

Press Release, March 15, 2013