Prysmian invests €450M to tackle carbon emissions

Italian cabling giant Prysmian has announced plans to accelerate the race to net-zero CO2 emission during its recent “Sustainability Day”.

Courtesy: Prysmian
Prysmian HQ
Courtesy: Prysmian

Its project aims to set science-based carbon reduction targets for the Prysmian Group, and will consider both Scope 1&2 (own organization) and Scope 3 (value chain) GHG emissions.

Prysmian gets support in the project from the Carbon Trust, the leading organization helping companies and government in realising ambitious plans for a sustainable, low carbon future.

“As a public company we believe that sustainability must be part of our DNA,” says Prysmian Group CEO Valerio Battista. “We are focused on improving the sustainability of our supply chain and in our organization and on the development of cable and optical fiber technologies for electrical and telecommunications networks, suitable to support the transition towards the use of renewable energy sources and towards a decarbonized economy.

By 2022, Prysmian has planned to invest around €450 million to further improve the sustainability of its organization and supply chain and to accelerate the development of advanced cable technologies as well as assets and services. Energy consumption reduction, circularity and waste recyclability, health & safety culture are key in Prysmian’s efforts to improve sustainability of its supply chain.

Prysmian supports the development of greener and smarter power grids, by making available innovative cable technologies to cover longer distances and sea depths, ensuring higher performances, reliability and sustainability. Also, its new vessel Leonardo da Vinci, the world’s best performing and most capable cable layer, will enter into operation in July 2021.