PSA Conducts Audit of Subsea Compression at Åsgard

PSA Conducts Audit of Subsea Compression at Åsgard

On 3 October 2013, the PSA conducted an audit of the Åsgard subsea compression project at Statoil in Stavanger.

The audit was primarily associated with the PSA’s main prioritisation of the external environment and prevention of acute emissions, in which they monitor in particular subsea facilities.

The Åsgard subsea compression project is of great strategic importance for future subsea developments. It involves technology qualification and also operations and modifications. In our audit, we focused on learning and experience exchange.


The objective of the audit is to monitor that the project has been planned and carried out in compliance with applicable regulations and recognised norms, and that requirements in the HSE regulations are provided for. We also want to be updated on the project and the status of subsea technology.


For the audit, the PSA requested a review of the following topics:

– Organisation, progress and contracts

– Governing documents for the project

– Risk management of uncertainties

– Plan for own monitoring and follow-up of suppliers and results of any completed activities

– Quality assurance and quality control

– Barriers and maintenance

– Qualification of new technologies

– Capacity and competence

– Preparations for operations

No non-conformities or improvement points were identified during the audit.

Press Release, November 12, 2013; Image: Statoil