PSA Norway Carries Out Audit on Songa Dee Rig

On 22 September 2010, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) carried out an audit of logistics, cranes, lifting appliances, lifting equipment and structural safety on board the Songa Dee mobile facility.


The verifications targeted technical and operational factors on board the facility. The activity is part of the follow-up in connection with the Songa Dee facility’s AoC.


Songa Dee is a mobile drilling facility owned and operated by Songa. The facility has an AoC, and the precondition for maintaining an AoC is that the operator must at all times be able to demonstrate that the facility complies with applicable statutes and regulations.


The objective of the audit activity was to verify compliance with applicable requirements in statutes and regulations, and how statutes and regulations have been followed up after the facility received the AoC. Furthermore, the objective was to follow-up repairs and modifications, particularly the installation of a new offshore crane.


Nonconformities and improvement items were identified during the audit, mainly associated with:

The management system and implementation of management system and procedures

Several of the identified factors had previously been identified and discussed in the PSA’s audit report dated 22 May 2009.

Source:Ptil , July 13, 2011;