PSA: ‘Rowan Viking’ jack-up gets AoC (Norway)

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has reported that the Rowan Viking jack-up drilling rig has received Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC).

PSA 'Rowan Viking' jack-up gets AoC (Norway)

An Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) is a statement from the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway expressing the authorities’ confidence that a petroleum activity can be performed by the jack-up drilling rig within the regulatory framework.

The Rowan Viking is a Keppel Fels ‘N’ Class Drilling Rig.

It is the PSA’s assessment that petroleum activities may be carried out using the Rowan Viking jack-up rig within the regulatory framework.

The validity of this Acknowledgement of Compliance assumes that Rowan Norway Limited ensures that the facility and relevant parts of the company’s organisation and management systems are maintained, to fulfil terms and conditions set out in the PSA’s decision.

In connection with the AoC application for Rowan Norway Limited, the PSA carried out audits within several selected disciplines.

To remind, Damen Shiprepair has in June been contracted by Rowan Companies to remodel the Rowan Viking jack-up. Among other things, Damen was to perform safety modification which are in accordance with Norwegian laws in order for the rig the meet the requirements for receiving AoC.

September 01, 2014