Puget LNG to provide LNG fuel to Potelco, InfraSource vehicles

Puget Sound Energy’s sister company Puget LNG has signed a contract to provide LNG to Potelco and InfraSource Services, to fuel their electric and natural gas system construction trucks.

Image courtesy of Puget LNG

Puget said on Wednesday that it would provide over 1 million gallons of LNG for five years to the two companies, both operating companies of Quanta Services.

Potelco and InfraSource have a combined fleet of over 220 vehicles that use LNG instead of less environmentally-friendly diesel fuel. The two companies are also adding additional LNG vehicles to their fleet.

The two companies have been using LNG in their service vehicles since 2013. However, without a local source of LNG, they have been required to transport the fuel from locations outside of the state of Washington.

Through this agreement, they will be able to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, by substantially shortening the supply chain of LNG from source to end-use.

Jonathan Harris, senior business development manager, said: “Having a cleaner fuel alternative is an important piece of the GHG emissions reduction puzzle since over 40 percent of carbon emissions in our state comes from transportation.

Mark Swanson, EVP for Potelco, added: “The implementation of LNG fueled trucks was the right choice for many reasons. When we heard that our partner, Puget Sound Energy, was going to build an LNG plant, we wanted to support that effort. In doing so, we are also reducing the diesel emissions that our employees are exposed to every day and we’re doing our part to protect the environment for generations to come.

Potelco and InfraSource will start receiving the cleaner fuel when the Tacoma LNG facility is operational, which is scheduled for some time in 2021.