Pursuit for optimal wave energy concept continues

Illustration/PolyWEC research (Photo: PolyWEC)

ETIP Ocean has set up a webinar dedicated to the investigation of novel devices ahead of moving towards convergence of design for wave energy technologies.

The argument around the optimal concept for wave energy has yet to be settled and further research is needed to reach a consensus, according to the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy (ETIP Ocean).

In this regard, ETIP Ocean has organized a webinar that will explore the goals of funding organizations such as Wave Energy Scotland, and how these goals correspond with the needs of developers working on novel wave energy devices, such as PolyWEC.

The panelists in the webinar will be Matthew Holland, Project Engineer at Wave Energy Scotland, and Marco Fontana, Assistant Professor in Mechanics of Machines at the University of Trento.

The webinar, scheduled for March 23, 2018, is free-to-attend but requires prior registration.

ETIP Ocean – regarded as an advisory body to the European Commission – is managed by Ocean Energy Europe and the University of Edinburgh.

It brings together around 250 experts from 150 organizations covering the entire European ocean energy sector.