RC Dock LARS for Fugro ASVs

RC Dock Europe, part of RC Dock USA, delivered two fully automated launch and recovery systems (LARS) for Fugro’s new Autonomous Surface Vessels.

Both systems are fully automated and of a “open” design making it suitable to receive ASV’s with different types of keel mounted payloads up to a weight of 6 Tons.

A patented lock and release system consists of a series of special designed magnets which are activated by sensors and controlled by RC Dock’s inhouse developed software program.

A handheld remote-control unit allows the operator to individually start a launch or recovery process, an display providing the operator real time information on the LARS process cycle and locking status. Two pneumatic movable arms are installed to provide a wider point of entry when in an open position and an additional lock when closed.

The complete LAR system uses high pressure air instead of hydraulic fluids to guarantee zero oil spill in the event of system leakage or damages.

The LARS is manufactured from light weight marine grade aluminum according DNV regulations for offshore use. With a length of 10 meters and only 800 KG in weight each LAR construction is load tested at 13 Tons.

“Fugro’s design requirements has forced us to think outside the box resulting in a lightweight open LARS construction with a unique magnetic lock and release system, making it one of the most challenging projects to date,” said Ronald Kraft, sales and marketing director at RC Dock Europe.