Reach Subsea Extends Charter for Dina Star

Reach Subsea has exercised an option to extend the contract for ‘Dina Star’ in October. 

Reach Subsea Extends Charter for Dina Star

The operation continues in the High North areas. Dina Star, which has ice class 1B and de-ice, has under this contract served as a multipurpose vessel (MPSV).

Dina Star is a 93 meter long and 5000 DWT DP2 Light construction vessel with WROV and 150 tons AHC offshore crane.

Platform Support Vessel (PSV) Dina Star, firstly delivered to Norwegian offshore owner Myklebusthaug Offshore by Kleven Yard in April 2013, is the first powered with ABB’s full Onboard DC grid system to provide fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Press Release, October 06, 2014