redT to provide storage for large-scale tidal energy project

UK-based energy storage solutions company redT energy has been selected by a consortium of European companies to be the primary energy storage technology provider for a large-scale tidal generation project in the UK.

The project, for which a 0.6MW, 3MWh redT flow machine system has been selected, remains subject to finance and formal contract awards, the company informed.

The EU project will seek to demonstrate the technical and financial feasibility of using tidal energy plus energy storage to provide reliable, renewable baseload energy.

redT said it will contribute research, analysis and optimization of tidal and flow machine technology to provide base load power.

The project is planned to be equipped with redT’s 3rd generation product, to be delivered in 2018, the company said.

Scott McGregor, CEO of redT energy, said: “Flow machine technology is ideal for heavy daily use alongside renewables. Our expert energy storage team has done a great job of revolutionizing how to couple solar and energy storage in the UK to reduce electricity costs for industrial customers. This project launches us into a new market alongside tidal generation to produce base load energy.

“Tidal generation provides a consistent, regular supply of energy, ideal for coupling with our industrial energy storage machines to supply 24 hour base load energy, a service which is difficult to provide with conventional power-centric batteries.”

The large-scale tidal energy project for which the redT energy storage solution was selected was not specified by the company. Tidal Energy Today has reached out to redT for more details. Should new information emerge, the article will be updated accordingly.

Update: The members of the project consortium looking to combine tidal power with battery storage to provide consistent base load power to the grid are Atlantis Resources, redT energy, EMEC, Innosea, Energy Systems Catapult and Province Zeeland. Read more.