Update: Rem Offshore Sells Subsea Vessel to Maersk Supply Service

Rem Offshore has entered into an agreement to sell multi purpose subsea construction vessel (MPSCV) “Rem Forza” to Maersk Supply Service.

The MPSCV Rem Forza, of MT 6022 design, was built by Kleven Verft in 2008. The vessel has a length of 107.6 meters, a breadth of 22 meters and it can accommodate 120 people.

The vessel is presently on a long term charter agreement with DeepOcean Shipping AS. The work scope involves subsea tree and jumper installation in up to 2,000 metres water depth. Maersk Supply Service will take over this charter agreement including the option for extensions, the company said in a press release.

“Being part of a Group with a strong balance sheet allows us to take advantage of the opportunities arising in the industry. This acquisition of a quality asset is fully in line with our strategic ambition of growing our subsea fleet and at the same time adds contract coverage during a period of market downturn. The work scope is well related to our area of expertise, and we look forward to working with our long-term customer, DeepOcean, on this operation,” says CEO of Maersk Supply Service, Jørn Madsen.

According to Rem Offshore, the delivery to the new owner will take place shortly.

“The sale will give a booked profit, and a net cash of approximately NOK 200 million after repayment of debt,” the company added.

Subsea World News Staff