RES Offshore Conducts Maintenance of Dogger Bank Masts

RES Offshore has secured the first charter of James Fisher Marine Services’ latest vessel SMV1, soon to be named Dart Fisher, as it sails to the Dogger Bank site, writes the Grimsby Telegraph.

RES Offshore Conducts Maintenance of Dogger Bank MastsLast year in August, RES secured an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services contract with Forewind for two met masts in the Dogger Bank Round 3 zone.

The company will be delivering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the structures and instrumentation systems including all work on the masts together with project management and procurement of vessels and subcontractors.

Dogger Bank Zone is located 125 to 290 kilometres off the east coast of Yorkshire with an esitimated capacity of 7.2GW.

The 26-metre catamaran which can carry 12 engineers with three 20ft containers sailed on Wednesday from Grimsby port on a six-hour voyage to the ForeWind project site.

Chris Holden, offshore operations manager at RES said: “Depending on the weather at site and the scope of the work when we get there, we could be out for two weeks.”

Andy Nattrass, marine operations project manager for James Fisher, commented: “This is a multi-role vessel not limited to one task. We see it as a Swiss Army Knife, we can put different equipment that we own or the client owns, to perform many different roles. ”

Offshore WIND staff, April 16, 2014; Image: james-fisher