REV Ocean Partners with UNESCO’s IOC

REV Ocean has signed a collaboration agreement with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Organization (IOC) of UNESCO.

The aim is to usher in a decade of ocean solutions through advancing global ocean data sharing and application, providing opportunities for researchers and marine management, including in developing countries, and carrying out a range of other critically needed actions.

Together, REV Ocean and IOC-UNESCO will develop an Ocean Data and Information System to improve the availability of ocean data and information, and to enable open-source products and services catered to the needs of a broad community of users, including academia and ocean management institutions. The Ocean Data Foundation, which is founded by REV Ocean, will play an instrumental role in developing this system.

REV Ocean CEO, Nina Jensen, said: “We are super-excited to be working with the UNESCO’s IOC, which is an extremely important organization for fostering international cooperation in ocean research and management. This is a partnership that is designed to achieve concrete and important results for the health of the ocean, and we can’t wait to get started on our joint initiatives. We will be strong supporters of the UN Decade of Ocean Science and tailor our activities to maximize synergies. We encourage everyone in the ocean space to do the same.”

REV Ocean will make the state of the art, 182-meter research vessel available to train scientists from developing countries who will address core issues of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. In particular, the focus will be on ways to involve young scientists in research undertaken on the vessel.

“Everyone, and in this case every research vessel, has his or her role in the journey to a sustainable ocean, helping take our brightest minds to distant and less accessible parts of the ocean and convert their observations into knowledge that can raise awareness and shape solutions-oriented policies for science-based management of the ocean. Whether through this amazing vessel, or its work in raising awareness, or its innovative approaches to open ocean data, REV Ocean will be a true champion and key contributor to global work on the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development,” commented Vladimir Ryabinin, executive secretary of UNESCO’s IOC.

The cooperation will also support the Ocean Decade Alliance as a platform to showcase the co-design and delivery of science-based solutions for ocean sustainability. Together the organisations will raise awareness about the Decade and its Alliance and encourage the engagement and commitments of the private sector towards the Decade goals.

Upcoming highlights include a planned event on board the REV Ocean vessel when it is in New York for the 2021 UN General Assembly.

REV Ocean will also support IOC-UNESCO work in Ocean Literacy and Capacity Development, through live streaming from the vessel and when the ship is docked in ports where people can interact with scientists on-board. This also includes activities in support of the IOC Ocean Teacher Global Academy.