Photo: Clockwise: Front – Leonardo Machado (MD); Stuart Morrice (Learning Operations Manager, UK); Stephen Ferguson (Senior Sales Manager, Oil & Gas, UK); Steve Bonner (Safety and Survival Instructor) and Callum Dewar (Operations Manager, UK). Source: Maersk Training

Revamped training and safety centre launched in Aberdeen

Maersk Training UK (MTUK) has launched the first half of its refurbished Aberdeen safety and survival centre which has undergone a £720,000 ($996,600) refurbishment in a push to meet the needs of the industry as it looks to the future and the energy transition.

According to Maersk Training’s statement on Tuesday, the installation of new technology will allow the centre to deliver training courses specifically for the renewables industry and enhances its service offering to the oil and gas sector.

The courses and facilities have been developed to allow a straightforward transition between subjects to ensure that training at the centre helps to support companies in the current climate and for the future energy mix.

New facilities available at the centre include a larger pool, a bespoke work at height and a confined space training unit, a first aid simulator, and a dedicated basic technical training simulator.

Leonard Machado, managing director of MTUK, said: “The North Sea has always been at the forefront of innovation and safety and our new facilities will allow us to provide a one-stop-shop to companies to support them as they embrace the opportunities which the energy transition create, while also servicing oil and gas and ensuring the industry continues to be world leaders in safety and innovation”.

The company added that the second half of the refurbishment will be complete by the summer.

This will include a new firefighting facility to provide a full suite of accredited emergency response training for oil and gas, marine, and industrial firefighting teams.

Machado added: “The last year has seen a seismic shift in how companies work and as a result of this we have invested in the technology required to allow us to provide training to companies digitally.

“Our use of smart technology to manage training needs allows us to form a better partnership with our clients and ensures we are providing a complete service offering”.