RINA Launches Cruise Ship Hotel Energy Management Tool

International classification society RINA has launched InfoSHIP EM, a real time tool for monitoring and optimising the hotel power demand on cruise ships. It is expected to produce hotel load energy savings in the order of over 10 per cent, thus generating significant annual cash savings in fuel costs for a typical large modern cruise ship.

RINA Launches Cruise Ship Hotel Energy Management Tool

Paolo Moretti, head of the marine business line, RINA Services, says, “Around half the energy used by a modern cruise ship is for the hotel services. So if we can bear down on that we can produce substantial cost savings for cruise operators. InfoSHIP Energy Management is a tool which continuously monitors all the energy users in the hotel services and compares actual use with target values. A simple traffic-light graphic display alerts the ship’s staff to higher than target energy use, allowing them to take remedial measures such as load shedding or load shifting.”

InfoSHIP EM is part of the InfoSHIP Energy Governance suite developed by RINA and software house IB Software & Consulting. It collects live power consumption data from the hotel services, AC systems, accommodation and lighting systems and galley and laundry services. Target values are set by calculation at the design or installation stage and then continuously updated by operational feedback and trend analysis. Target values are optimised according to the season and area of operation, the operational mode, either in port or at sea and the time of day.

Says Moretti, “This system will pay for itself in under a year and is simple to install. What it does is focus the engineers and technical department on the actual electrical power demand of hotel services. It allows them to make adjustments to operations or pre-set temperatures for the air con, for example. InfoSHIP EM gives the cruise ship operators the information they need to make sensible energy saving decisions, such as getting laundry done outside peak time, or changing air-conditioning patterns. It also provides real data to inform decisions on retrofit or updates to on-board equipment.”

Maurizio Ricci, IB Chairman and CEO, says, “This addition to the InfoSHIP Energy Governance suite is an example of how well targeted and researched software can make a real difference to operators. Ease of use and reliability in operation are two factors we design into our software so that users get real results as their crews and staff enjoy using the systems.”

RINA, March 11, 2014

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