Romanian GSP Completes Topside Construction for Akcakoca Field in Turkey

The topside for the second phase of the Akcakoca field development was fabricated within GSP Shipyard.

The load out operation was carried out under the supervision of the project management team and the beneficiary’s representatives. GSP Neptun, the 1800 tons heavy lift crane barge, performed the load out of the double-decked topsides onboard GSP Bigfoot 2, the semisubmersible barge.

The sea fastening activities are currently carried out in order to ensure the safe transportation of the steel construction to the installation location, in Western Black Sea. The design of sea fastening as well as the preparation of drawings and preparation of transportation manuals were previously submitted to the client’s and surveyor approvals.

A complex GSP fleet of technical vessels, offshore support vessels and an extensive professional body are mobilized in Akcakoca perimeter in order to proceed with the topsides installation activities.

The main function of the offshore modular platform topside’s facilities will be to support a drilling rig and test well streams from the platform wells. After the installation of the platform, the modular self contained drilling rig installed onto the platform’s main deck shall complete the two existing wells and drill three or more new directional wells. After the completion of these wells, the platform will operate as a wellhead platform, testing and transmitting the produced gas to the Cayagzi Plant through the offshore pipeline.

The topsides facilities developed for 95M water depth will support up to 6 well conductors with well testing and possible future gas compression, four risers and three I-tubes (for 4 ½” or larger umbilical) for future subsea tie-ins located at east, west, and south sides and a pipeline of 12.75″ OD.


Source: GSPoffshore, July 30, 2010: