Romica Engineering Supplies Winches to James Fisher Offshore

Romica Engineering Ltd (REL) have signed an agreement with James Fisher Offshore to provide some 14 winches of various sizes (50Te, 30Te and 15Te line pull) adding to Fisher’s rental fleet. This supports Fisher Offshore’s expansion of rental operations within the Asia Pacific region from their base in Labuan Malaysia.

Illustration of Romica Engineering's mooring winch.
Illustration of Romica Engineering’s mooring winch.

REL was founded in 2003 to provide payload welfare to the oceanographic and offshore oil & gas sector. Romica supports companies undertaking subsea measurement, monitoring and IRM (Inspection Repair Maintenance) tasks through a range of services, tools and equipment solutions.

Bob Turner, Managing Director of REL said:

“We are delighted that James Fisher Offshore have selected Romica to support their winch requirements once again. This contract for the supply of 14 winches of various capacities will enable James Fisher Offshore to get their newly established rental hub in Labuan operational, in line with their tight timeframes.”

James Fisher Offshore, the specialist in lifting, deck machinery, subsea tooling and excavation is targeting further growth and new markets as the next stage in the firm’s development gathers momentum. The prime emphasis will be on providing fully engineered solutions as part of a strategic approach designed to respond to evolving industry requirements.

Mike Robertson, Director – Commercial and Technical of Fisher Offshore, said: “We recognise the increasing global demand for providing an integrated offering of winching and hoisting within the subsea support sector. Our proven expertise, technology and delivery capability will enable us to respond to the demand and this expansion, combined with quality new-build winches from Romica Engineering, will enhance the turnkey capability and commitment to our customers.”

Press Release, February 19, 2014; Image: Romica