Rosneft Wraps Up Barents Sea Survey

Rosneft has finished performing comprehensive geophysical exploration, including seismic data acquisition 3D and gravimagnetic survey on the West-Prinovozemelsky licensed site on the continental shelf of the Barents Sea.

Rosneft Wraps Up Barents Sea Survey

The scope of work totaled 2.8 thousand square km. The specialized scientific research vessel Geo Caribbean was used to conduct works.

As a result of geologic data acquisition unique information on resources geology in the range of prospect under research was received. This data will be used when preparing to drill oil and gas prospect objects and will allow minimizing geological risks while searching for hydrocarbon crude reserves.

3D seismic data acquisition is one of the basic and most productive geophysical methods used to research geological aspects of reserves. Due to its high resolution capacity, it allows creating very precise geologic models of analyzed sites.

Geologic survey in the Barents Sea was conducted in full compliance with all requirements of Russia’s environmental legislation, the influence on the environment corresponded to all standards.

Organization of geologic survey on the licensed site in the Barents Sea was conducted by Rosneft’s subsidiary, OOO RN-Shelf-Arctic.


Press Release, October 13, 2014