Russia: Hotchya Marine to Design Fish Stock Assessment Research Vessel

Russia: Hotchya Marine to Design Fish Stock Assessment Research Vessel

Hotchya Marine Design signed a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development of the initial design requirements and the conceptual design of Mezhdunarodny, a large research vessel intended for fish stock assessment research in the global ocean.

In accordance with the design requirement, the research vessel will have 12-15 laboratories with the total area of about 250 m² aboard. A fish hold with the capacity of at least 500 m³ will be provided (maintaining the temperature of -28 °С to -30 °С), as well as deep freezers with the capacity of at least 15 tons per day.

To ensure efficient solution of the research tasks, the vessel will have a DYNPOS-1 dynamic positioning system to maintain the vessel’s position during the research operations. The vessel speed at full-load displacement and the rated power of the main propulsion unit will be 15 knots while free-running, and 6 knots while trawling.

The vessel’s navigable properties and equipment will ensure research operations at sea state 5 and force 6 wind, towing of geophysical equipment at sea state 6 and force 7 wind. The research vessel will operate in the unlimited area.

There are about 60 crew and science team members.

There will be cranes, as well as trawl, ocean, and hydrobiology survey winches on the decks.

The project will follow the “Conceptual Marine Equipment Designs” (“New Look”) line within the framework of the “Civil marine facilities development for 2009-2016” federal special-purpose program.

Press Release, February 18, 2013