Russia: Putin Holds Meeting on Far East Flood Relief Efforts

Putin Holds Meeting on Far East Flood Relief Efforts

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, during a working trip to Amur Region, hеld a meeting on the clean-up efforts following the devastating floods in the Far Eastern Federal District in 2013.

The meeting was held on the grounds of the Nizhne-Bureiskaya Hydroelectric Power Station.

“We will hold several types of working meetings here in the Far East today. We will begin in this group with a discussion of the progress made on the relief efforts following last year’s floods in the Far East,” said Putin.

“I would like to note that overall, over 40 billion rubles [$1.2 billion] have been allocated from the federal budget to support the flood victims and perform restoration work. On the whole, all the targets have been met on schedule. However, I said ‘on the whole’, which means that not everything is proceeding according to plan.

No less important is the implementation of measures to prevent such situations in the future. I am referring to the construction of new hydropower facilities, dredging riverbeds and increasing the precision of meteorological forecasting.”

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Press Release, May 22, 2014



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