Saab Seaeye Falcon to observe Brazilian pipelines

Brazilian offshore IRM operator, SISTAC, has expanded its fleet of underwater robotic vehicles with another Saab Seaeye Falcon.

Saab Seaeye Falcon (Photo by: Saab Seaeye)

The vehicle’s first task is on-line fibre optic video surveillance of the pull in – pull out pipeline connection process by the Falcon’s HD camera.

Additionally, an upgrade is being made to another of the Falcons in SISTAC’s fleet with the same fibre-optic system as the new vehicle.

According to SISTAC, the Falcon was the most suitable vehicle for its customer’s expectations in the pipeline contract.

The Falcon is a metre-sized, multi-tasking vehicle with depth rated to 300m, five powerful thrusters, and intelligent control.

It features Saab Seaeye’s iCON future-flexible intelligent control system and is said to be able to handle strong currents whilst fully loaded with cameras, sensors, and tools.

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