Saab Seaeye Integrates Hydro-Lek

ROV manufacturer Saab Seaeye is consolidating the tooling maker, Hydro-Lek into their own facilities at Fareham.

The Hydro-Lek operation moved to Fareham December 14, 2015 from its site at Finchampstead and will become a business line within Saab Seaeye, effective January 1, 2016.

Prior to getting acquired by Saab Seaeye in 2013, Hydro-Lek has long supplied manipulators and hydraulic components for its owner’s ROV systems.

“There is a strong technology synergy,” says Saab Seaeye’s managing director Jon Robertson. “Manipulators and tools are key elements in the design and function of underwater vehicles and integrating Hydro-Lek into our operation at Fareham means we can fully direct our technological expertise, operational resources and service support towards advancing the Hydro-Lek technology.”

“The decision to create a central technology hub allows us to grow and develop tool and manipulator technology and strengthen our position as a complete underwater robotic solutions provider,” says Robertson. “It will also accelerate developments within the our product portfolio and expand tooling options for our new range of Seaeye electric work class ROVs and hybrid AUVs, along with developing further opportunities to create more bespoke systems.”