Savante Puts Its Diver-Held Laser Scanner in Action

Aberdeenshire-based Savante Subsea Lasers said it has ‘miniaturised’ its DLS (dynamic laser scanning) technology into an integrated diver-operated 3D laser measurement solution.

The CTS-3D underwater laser scanner, a hand-held diver operated tool, completed a shallow-water platform inspection contract, supporting the repair of a detached jacket member with 3D node geometry measurements in February.

The first titanium-reinforced units will be available in Q3 2017. A further “research-grade” version of the system will also be released at the same time in support of academia; with the intent of bringing the technology to a wider audience.

Dr. Grant Thomson, Savante managing founder, said: “The CTS-3D underwater laser scanner represents almost 15 years of continuous underwater laser technology development and enables assets to be surveyed dynamically and in minimal time without the need for mechanical tools such as calipers, rulers or impression-casting tools. Weighing less than 1lb in water, the tool is solid-state, making it robust for shallow water operations and extending to operations in 300m water depth.

The inspection of assets such as risers and conductors or mooring systems can now be achieved from a safe distance. In other fields such as archaeology or forensic investigation; the CTS-3D scanner enables subjects to be studied without necessarily the requirement to disturb them.”