SBSS Installs Power Cables in Enping Oil Field

SBSS signed a contract with COOEC for Enping Power Cable Installation. On 31st March 2014, SBSS dispatched the professional cable installation vessel-Bold Maverick to South China Sea/Enping Oil Field.


The project was scheduled to run through August 2014. By June 11th SBBS vessel already finished a total of 52.3km Power Cable installation and other related jobs between platforms.

The Bold Maverick installed three cables in two fields:

– A 20.6km composite cable installed between PY4-2DPPA and PY5-1DPPB;
– A 12.5km composite cable installed between PY4-2DPPA and PY10-2WHPA;
– An 18.3km composite cable installed between HZ25-8DPP and XJ24-3DPPB.

Utilizing the past experience, SBSS removed one set of powered sheave to better fit the vessel for project implementation. Similarly, SBSS modified the deck layout to fit DSV-Combination modification.

Based on quality and reliability, SBSS is able to offer integrated submarine cable solutions to the very demanding and high risk field of the oil & gas industry.

Press Release, July 07, 2014