Scottish Engineers Assemble First Hybrid Seagoing Ro-Paxes

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Scottish Engineers Assemble First Hybrid Seagoing Ro-Paxes

A dynamic team of Scottish designers, engineers and shipbuilders are assembling the world’s first hybrid seagoing ro-paxes.

The two revolutionary passenger and car ferries will each carry up to 150 passengers and 23 cars or two HGVs and provide a vital ferry service for a group of remote islands off the west Scottish coast. Powered by a dual diesel-electric system which reduces their fuel and CO2 consumption by at least 20%, the 43.5 metre long vessels will be delivered next year.

The Small Ferries project, as it is known, is a partnership between Caledonian Maritime Assets (CMAL) and Ferguson Shipbuilders of the Port of Glasgow and is part-funded by EU money. Lloyd’s Register has been surveying the building work, ensuring compliance with plan approval and LR rule requirements.

Richard Hadfield, Head of Ferry Operations for Transport Scotland, said: “The project is part of the Scottish government’s climate change initiative and our generally greener and more environmental approach to new technology.”


Source: Lloyd’s Register, September 4, 2012

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