Seabased and ORE Catapult Team Up on Wave Simulator Software

Seabased Group and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult will collaborate on designing a software tool to accurately simulate the performance of the Seabased system in different wave environments

The tool should allow the Norwegian-based company to optimise its turnkey wave parks for particular wave climates.

The collaboration is part of a strong European effort to speed up ocean wave energy to commercialization to help tackle the climate emergency.

The project is part funded through the Interreg North Sea Region’s Ocean Energy Scale-up Alliance (OESA) project, which aims to accelerate the development of marine energy technologies through strategic partnerships and international collaborations.

With the ability to accurately simulate different wave environments from buoy to grid, we can tailor our wave parks to maximise system output, whether they are placed in the gentle Caribbean or the turbulent Atlantic,” said Laurent Albert, Seabased CEO.

We’re pleased to be partnering with ORE Catapult on this project as they have a strong track record of creating the kinds of simulations that we rely upon to reflect the actual conditions we’ll confront in all the markets we serve.”

ORE Catapult’s Wave and Tidal Sector Specialist Simon Cheeseman said he was looking forward to working with Seabased. “ORE Catapult works with global leaders in offshore renewable energy and we’re looking forward to this project with Seabased on this novel and innovative design that we hope will contribute to accelerating the wave industry towards full-scale commercialisation.”

The project is due to begin in February through to April 2020.