SEAMOR Rolls Out New ROV

Canadian producer of remotely operated vehicles SEAMOR has added a new ROV to its product line – the Mako ROV.

Named after the shark, the Mako ROV is capable of carrying 14 kilograms as a standard build, and is upgradeable to 22.5 kilograms. A standard Mako measures 840 mm x 635 mm x 674 mm (LxWxH) and weighs approximately 72 kilograms.

Even with its increased payload, Mako ROVs will be able to fly at 2 knots, and offer the same ROV experience as other SEAMOR vehicles. The is Mako is fitted with eight thrusters – four vertical and four horizontal

The Mako also features an accessory bay with an open, modular, design. The ROV can operate multiple accessories at once, and does not require any special tools to set up, the company said.

“Our customers have been asking SEAMOR to build a bigger ROV that could carry heavy navigational instruments. The Mako is going to add a new dimension to our line of ROVs while maintaining the core design elements that make our vehicles so sought after,” says Robin Li, SEAMOR Marine president. “We know that the ROV community will be very excited to see what the Mako can do.”