Searcher begins reprocessing Vampire seismic survey (Australia)

Searcher Seismic, an independent multi-client company, has started reprocessing of 2D seismic data offshore Western Australia.

The company said on Friday that PDSM (Pre-Stack Depth Migration) reprocessing involves 7,000 km of 2D seismic data in the Browse Basin.

This project will reprocess Searcher’s existing Vampire 2D seismic survey and include coverage of the 2016 Australian Acreage Release.

Searcher said that the original Vampire survey data, acquired in 2010 with an 8 km streamer, ties key exploration wells in the hydrocarbon-rich basin.

The PDSM reprocessing uses present technological advancements to further discover the potential of this area, the company said.

Joshua Thorp, Geoscience Manager for Searcher Seismic, said: “Applying broadband deghosting not only improves the end result but allows greater resolution for the PSDM velocity model building at all levels.

“Implementing an anisotropic PSDM workflow improves both the quality of the data and more importantly, the AVO attributes derived from this long-offset well tie dataset.”

Searcher Seismic added that the PSDM reprocessing is being done by WesternGeco and that the final PSDM data will be available in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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